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Charlie's Super 6th Birthday!

Every year, I've done really big fabulous parties for Charlie's Birthday. I decided this year would be no exception, and booked Beaufort House.

I love Beaufort House for Kid's party, the room hire isn't extortionate like many other Chelsea and Belgravia venues. They can organise all the food and drink, I always like to lay on something for the grown ups.

Our theme was Superheroes!

I decided to do the party bags myself, they included giant sweet filled cones, and packed the bags full of Superhero treats, from Masks, to bouncy ball head toys, a silly slinky, ball and ball game and plenty of other fun stuff for kids.

As I'm approaching my third trimester with baby number 2, I decided to enlist the help of professional party planners Dazzle & Fizz. They did not disappoint!

Amazing sets, wonderful children's entertainers, and they even arranged the cake for me.

It gives me so much joy to see Charlie have such a wonderful Birthday!

It was wonderful to see the delight in all the children's faces!

I'm already planning next year's party...

photo credits: Dazzle & Fizz.

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