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A Journey Through Time with Lego...

For half term, I enrolled Charlie on this two-day camp in Chelsea with The Mini-Engineers. Mini-Engineers aims to inspire your children by teaching them basic engineering principles that will serve as an important foundation for the rest of their lives. Activity enhance their problem solving skills, creativity, teamwork ability, understanding of Science, Technology, Engineering, Maths (STEM) and Architecture concepts in a fun and challenging environment. For this holiday camp theme, they built homes through the ages from caves to cities! The Mini-Engineers will first learn about the pre-historic era designing caves, huts and tree-houses as we re-create early dwellings. The children were in teams of four for the duration of the class on both days, and it meant they got to really bond with each other.

I was very impressed with the children's intimidating wooly mammoth...

Oh no!! Cave people being eaten by crocodiles!

So the kids determined an ingenious treehouse to stay away from predators

The first day was a complete success, with all the children really engaged in the era and the activity!

On the second day, we fast forward to today and build modern homes, skyscrapers and city life. What do you think is your child’s vision of how homes have changed over the centuries?

Using LEGO kits comprising of over 4000 bricks children will have the opportunity to use their creativity to design and construct the homes of history and tomorrow.

This little builder could well be thinking that 'everything is awesome'!

Charlie was thrilled with his little team of engineers.

The second day was quite a contrast! They had built quite a metropolis!

Charlie really enjoyed his 2 days of building lego with other children, and the theme provided many learning opportunities while having fun. I would definitely book the mini engineers again.

*photo credits mini engineers

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