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Legoland UK!

I booked us into Legoland, with a room at the newly launched Castle Hotel, where little builders can choose from a Knight's room or Wizard's room. Charlie, my 6 year old son, opted for the Knight's room.

Our room had a spacious Kingsize bed for the adults, and around the corner, but still in the same room was a really fun kids' bunk bed with an Xbox!

Charlie really enjoyed playing it later in the evening, while 33 week pregnant SW1 Mum relaxed. (I booked the trip in December, prior to finding out I was pregnant, in my swell of excitement to be one of the first families booked into the castle hotel, when it was to launch in July)!

Our in-room dragon!

In the room, there was a mystery to be solved! (It was pretty tricky, but after a few tries, we finally solved the riddle, and Charlie was able to claim his prize from the locked box in the room!

Charlie was pretty happy with his haul, and I was impressed, as frankly I had only expected a lego mini-figure and not a whole bag full of stuff!

Our first day was very sunny, and we packed it full of rides and enjoyed the amazing mini-land, where we felt right at home amongst the monuments of London!

I couldn't resist letting Charlie pan for gold in the pirate - themed part of the park, and watch his joy as he realised he had collected enough gold for a medal! I have a very strong memory of panning for gold like this with my sister when we were young.

Attention to detail was everywhere! Check out this butterfly!

And this Bat-mobile!

We couldn't get enough of the lego torch wall lights that were scattered around our castle hotel.

Charlie was the first to spot the lego mouse hiding in the chandelier!

Dinner in the castle hotel, was a surprisingly good steakhouse, with really good food choices, and while it had typical child-friendly fare options for the children, it was nice for the adults not to be left out, and there was a good selection of quality food options.

We really enjoyed the cheeseboard! (Ok, I enjoyed it...)

During dinner a wonderful magician/balloonist came round entertaining the children.

After dinner there was a magic/entertainment show that was over an hour long and the children were enthralled. It was a lot like being on holiday, all the adults were relaxing with drinks, while the kids were entertained!

We were advised to save the driving school for the next day. It is one of the most popular activities, and if you're staying in a resort hotel, you have half an hour early access into the park before everyone else. We took full advantage of that, and headed straight over in the morning!

Charlie is SO proud of his Legoland driving licence!

We had a really wonderful time, and we look forward to going back!

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