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Decorating the nursery!

After 7 months of apartment renovations, we were ready to move in!

We had initially decided that of the 4 bedrooms, the smallest would be the study, and had socket points installed along the wall so that we could create a long double work space. As our move in date got closer, we realised it would make more sense to make that room the new baby's room, as it was closer to our bedroom, and further away from Charlie (so hopefully he shouldn't get woken up when the baby cries at night). Charlie is going into year 2 at school, and as a growing boy, it would be preferable if he doesn't get woken by the baby!

(we will switch him to the bigger room when he gets older, and turn the smallest room into a lovely study in the future). But we now had a problem.

We would have to hide the sockets, but how?!

Fortunately our designer, Sima at Jane Duncan Architects and Interiors created a picture series layout that would hide the sockets.

Sima ordered the frames from IKEA, and when 14 arrived in assorted sizes, I wondered what on earth I was going to put in them!!!

They were nice and thick, so would cover the sockets brilliantly. This 23cm x 23cm frame was a mere £3.95!

I decided Peter Rabbit pictures would be really cute. I started an internet search, but finding 14 different pictures in the dimensions I needed was proving tricky. Most of the pictures were already framed, and were quite expensive, especially as I needed 14 of them! I already painted the room a calming pale green and so at 35 weeks pregnant, the pressure was on for me to get this picture series done!

I have a reasonably nice HP OfficeJet Pro 6970 from John Lewis, so I wondered if the quality would be good enough to find images online and print them out to size.

I was pleased to see the quality WAS good enough to print out pictures and frame them. I must say that I started to have a lot of fun at this point! There was something very satisfying about selecting and arranging my favourite images.

it took me about four hours, but I was pretty happy with the end result. All the frames cost less than £85, although I think I used a lot of printer ink, this was certainly a lot cheaper than buying ready made pictures online.

I'm really pleased with how cute the nursery looks! The furniture is the Milan range from Tutti Bambini.

Now all we need is a baby!!!

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