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Arts & Crafts with ExplorerTots

We were sent our ExplorerTots box by Sarah, mummy of 2 and co-founder of this lovely brand.  They aim to encourage children to learn about the world through making and doing.

It arrived in a really cute box!

I choose the science themed box for my son.

What really sets this little box apart from other craft sets is how well organised it is. Each craft project is individually packaged and comes coloured coded with a set of instructions and a fact sheet.

Aimed at ages 3-8, Charlie, 7, is at the older end for this product.  Although he enjoys making things, I was a little concerned he might find it a bit young for him, if that was the age range it was targeting.

 I needn't have worried! He was really excited to make his craft projects and we set about making them.

 He wanted to make the magnetic flying butterflies first, and we really enjoyed decorating them and watching them hover.

After reading more about magnets, he took the magnet around our home looking at what else was magnetic.  His baby brother's highchair was first!

We spent a week making a different craft each evening after finishing his homework and really enjoyed spending time together, discussing how things worked and reading the fact sheets together. Charlie enjoyed it so much, he's asked me to order the Space themed box!  I think that says it all!

*We were gifted our Science ExplorerBox.  All opinions mine and Charlie's own!

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