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Meet SW1 Mum!


I'm Jen and I'm SW1 Mum. A proud, independent single parent to Charlie, 8 and Jackson, 2.

When my 8 year old was a baby, I felt quite lonely, and really found my community when I started going to play groups and coffee meet ups, but it was hard to find out about them at first. I didn't know what existed in my local area.

I created my network to bring mums together in my community. A one stop shop for information about events, playgroups and simply making friends. I do this through organising events for them to attend and I write a newsletter that lets them know what is going on in the area for families to do. The newsletter started as just an email to friends to ask who was free to go to the park, and has grown through word of mouth to currently 1,400 subscribers!

It's important to me that no one feels lonely or disconnected when they become a mother. It's an opportunity to find your tribe!!

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